Building a UI with vanilla Javascript

I enjoy building server-rendered apps. They're faster to build, more straightforward, and easy to get your head around.

One tool I keep reaching for is Alpine JS, which is a tiny library that helps to build components on a server-rendered page with a Vue-like syntax.

But it does not apply to all needs, or sometimes a couple of lines of vanilla JS is all the page ever needs. In those times, I write this utility function:

 * @param {string} name
 * @param {HTMLElement.prototype} props
 * @param {Array<HTMLElement|string>} children
 * @return HTMLElement
function $h(name = 'div', props = {}, children = []) {
    const el = document.createElement(name);
    Object.assign(el, props);
    return el;

and use it like so:

const button = $h('button', {
    className: 'button',
    onclick: async (e) => alert('clicked'),
}, ['Download']);


It resembles Mithril's syntax, but it's not reactive as modern UI libraries.

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