askme - a mini utility for prompting questions

askme is a mini utility that prompts user questions and prints answers in key-value format to the console. Questions are provided as command arguments as "question" or as "question=default answer" format. You can also specify a key with key: prefix.

You can find the latest release and source on Github:


askme.exe "filename:Filename for the" "author:Author?" year

A dialog should appear with inputs to type the answers:

When saved by clicking the Save button or hitting ENTER key, the app exits, and the user inputs are printed to console as JSON.


The response can then be consumed from any script by reading the stdout and deserializing the JSON.

Hitting Esc key closes the window and nothing is printed to console.

Return codes

Code Reason
0 User submitted the answers
1 Failed to parse questions
2 User cancelled the prompt